10 Benefits a Call Answering Service can bring to your business

Using a call answering service can sky rocket the productivity of any business. Taking call handling pressures away from yourself and employees with more pressing responsibilities can provide a number of benefits. Day to day, businesses can achieve more using a virtual call answering service in the following ways:

1. Ability to Focus on the Task at Hand

We’ve all been there, it took 20 minutes to get focussed and settle into the task at hand. You are completely in the zone, just about to hit maximum productivity and then the phone rings. Just like that, your concentration is broken and your focus is gone. A call answering service can take calls on your behalf and dramatically decrease instances of this happening.

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2. No Longer Wasting Time on Cold Calls

Following on from that, it is even more frustrating when your concentration is broken by a call from a sales person, cold caller or a time waster. Utilising a professional call answering service can screen these calls, enabling you and your employees to pick and choose who you do and do not want to take calls from, freeing up more time for the tasks that actually matter.

3. More Hands on Deck

One of the greatest parts of using a call answering service is that you get all the benefits of employing an in-house receptionist, without actually having to employ one. You virtually get an extra pair of hands, creating more available time to achieve more throughout the day.

4. More Money

The best part is because your business is not technically employing a receptionist but the job is being done, your business will have extra cash flow to put towards investments and growth. Using a call answering service gives your business the function of an in house receptionist, without having to pay salary, pension, National Insurance contributions or any other benefits you would typically pay an employee.

5. Instant Larger More Established Presence

A large factor behind successful businesses is brand awareness. In usual circumstances, this takes a large investment of time and money to build. A virtual office package allows businesses to use our address as their business address. This gives customers reassurance that the business is established; without having to devote the time and expense involved in finding a first or additional office location.

6. The Rapport is Already Built for You

When working with new and potential customers building a warm rapport is essential but time consuming. Our call handlers are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to telephone manner and rapport building, so by the time the caller is speaking to you, they have already been warmed up.

7. No More Time Spent on Phone Call Ping Pong

It happens too often, you receive a missed call notification but the caller does not leave a message, you return the call but there is no answer – repeat cycle all afternoon. With a call answering service this becomes a thing of the past. Our experienced call handlers take a name, telephone number and reason for the call from anyone calling that wants their call returned.

8. Stress Reduction

When you are handling your own calls it is extremely difficult to know when to stop, call it a day and switch off. When a person does not get enough rest or downtime it can lead to stress. According to HSE, 12.5 million working days were lost last year due to work related stress. Using a call answering service and the out of hours voicemail box ensures that you have your evenings free from calls but still get the reassurance that your important messages will be picked up and dealt with in the morning.

9. Records are Already Kept for You

Our virtual receptionists keep a call log of who has called when, so you no longer have to spend time piecing together a time line of calls or searching for a misplaced telephone number.

10. Freedom and Flexibility

Because our virtual receptionists will always be available to take your calls, you no longer have to be. This means you can be out of office, in meetings, travelling or even on holiday as and when you please.

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Why not try a free no obligation 2 week trial

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