Telephone answering service helps small businesses emerge from coronavirus lockdown stronger than ever

The last few months have been an uncertain time for small businesses throughout the UK. Lockdown has forced small businesses to adapt to new, more flexible ways of working as they navigate a way through the coronavirus pandemic. Staff have adjusted to working from home where possible and, as a result, may have a disrupted working pattern due to the challenges of home working (such as childcare/homeschooling).

As we emerge from lockdown and restrictions are eased it is likely that homeworking will continue to be the norm for many small businesses for the next few months. Small businesses may face challenges with continued home working to meet increasing demand as the economy opens back up in the latter half of 2020.

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Is your business ready for a post lockdown economy?

As staff continue to work from home they may not have the ability to answer any/all of your inbound calls meaning that potential new clients/lines of enquiry are missed as a result. Research has shown that 7 out of 10 callers will immediately hang up when they hear an answering machine, so it is vitally important that all incoming calls are answered by a real person.

How can a telephone answering service help small businesses?

Even if your business only receives calls very occasionally, a single call can often lead to a significant amount of business. With The Answer Centre’s Pay As You Go Call Answering Service we offer an extremely cost effective solution as you only pay for the calls that we answer for you.

We are extremely flexible in the way that we handle your calls so the more information you can give us about your business the better, as we aim to sound as if we are an employee of your business.

Calls are always answered in your company name from and you can choose for us to either transfer callers through to you or your employees working from home, or alternatively we can take a detailed message and forward the message to you by email and text message. There is no additional charge for sending you messages by email or text message as that is all included within your cost per call of 99 pence.

Other Answer Centre Services that can help businesses emerge from lockdown stronger include:

  • Telephone Answering in Your Company Name
  • Pay As You Go – 99p per call
  • Messages sent to you by email or text message
  • Calls transferred and announced to you on your mobile or landline by your Answer Centre PA

If you’d like to talk to us about how the Answer Centre can help your business please get in touch at: