Does my small business need a call handling service?

No matter what the size of the company is, having a receptionist is advantageous. Many global corporations employ teams of receptionists to front their businesses. Unfortunately not all companies have the revenue to be able to do that, but there are other solutions available which are equally as effective.

Whenever a business looks to make an investment, whether it is a hire or purchase, it is important to explore all available options and decide if the purchase is necessary.

If you find yourself asking, does my small business need a call handling service? Here are a few pointers to help decide if a virtual receptionist is the right service for you.


Regularly finding yourself short of time can be a good indicator that outsourcing your call handling would be a step in the right direction.

If you are spending much of your day on the phone, this is taking time from you which could be spent on growing your business.

When using a call handling service, businesses and business owners are better able to prioritise calls in line with tasks which need to be completed.

Furthermore, time wasted on cold calls can be a thing of the past as your call handling service will screen calls, meaning you are able to pick and choose which calls to return.


For small businesses revenue can often be an issue. Hiring a full time employee is a big, permanent financial commitment. Particularly in the early stages of a business extra help is needed but the revenue is not there to make such a commitment.

It is possible there is a requirement for a receptionist 9-5 but perhaps there isn’t enough work there to keep a receptionist busy for those hours.

This is where a call handling service can be extremely beneficial for small and new businesses. With a call handling service there will be someone on hand to answer your business calls during office hours, but you won’t be required to pay the salary for a full time employee.

Customer Service

High levels of customer service are crucial for any business of any size. Our virtual receptionists are extensively trained in call handling and telephone manner. Using our call handling service ensures that your business calls will always be answered in a courteous and professional manner, providing the optimum business front and customer experience.


Being stuck to a desk or phone is extremely restrictive and can often be detrimental to growing businesses. A call handling service can provide the flexibility many new and small business owners need to effectively grow their business.

Outsourcing call handling enables you to be able to arrange meetings, visit customers and investors and generally leave the office as you please whilst maintaining peace of mind that your calls will be answered and messages received.

Is a call handling service right for you?

In short, if you are spending more time on the telephone than you would like to be, a call handling service would certainly be a useful, cost effective investment for you.

Utilising a call handling service can help you to prioritise your calls and free up the time you desperately need to concentrate on business growth.

Whilst many businesses would like an in house receptionist, a call handling service or virtual receptionist fulfils the same function without the financial commitment which comes with hiring a full time employee.