5 Benefits of a Live Answering Service

With these five benefits alone, you can see that the advantages of using a live answering service are plentiful. Even if you are a start-up or a small business with low capital, because of the cost effective nature of a call handling service, you too can make use of the service and reap its benefits.

1. Enjoy the Benefits of Having a Receptionist Without Having to Pay for One

Taking on an employee is a large, permanent financial commitment. Salary, National Insurance contributions, pension contributions and any other company benefits you would typically pay an employee all need to be taken into account.

A live answering service provides the benefits of a receptionist without having to face the cost and commitment. A virtual receptionist can handle all business calls at a fraction of the cost of a full time in-house receptionist.

A live answering service is able to handle a high volume of calls meaning even during your company’s busiest calling times, every single one of your business calls will be answered. Because a live answering service has multiple receptionists on hand, each and every one of your calls can be given the time and attention it needs, even when there are several incoming calls.

In short, by utilising a live answering service, your business will never have a missed call again and you won’t have to worry about paying for a salary, sick days and other overheads that come with having a full-time receptionist on payroll.

The money saved here can be used towards other ventures that can further expand or improve your business.

2. No Training Required

Not only are the virtual receptionists provided by your live answering service a huge amount cheaper than an in-house receptionist, they are also fully trained.

This means your business will display great customer service without you actually having to invest any time into training someone to do the job.

3. Take Your Workday Back

How often do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? Well, with a live answering service you get just that.

Using a live answering service ensures that your day goes exactly as you plan it. When working on important tasks or in meetings, you can divert calls and have messages taken by a real human. This enables you to get what you need to do done, uninterrupted, whilst your caller still feels looked after.

You will receive messages throughout the day regarding calls so that you can stay up to date, in the loop and quickly respond to urgent callers.

Having the freedom to be away from your desk and phone whilst knowing important calls are being handled will work wonders for your day to day productivity.

4. No More Cold Calls

How frustrating is it when your focus is interrupted by an incoming call? Very.

How much more frustrating is it when the call is of no importance or relevance to you or your business? Extremely.

Utilising a live answering service can make this a thing of the past as your virtual receptionist can screen calls for you and filter out the cold callers. You will always receive notification of calls and callers but this screening process enables you to pick and choose which calls you want to spend the time and energy on calling back.

5. Fantastic Customer Service

With a virtual receptionist, your phone lines will always be answered during business hours. When calls are being answered quickly and professionally, customers instantly get a great impression.

Your live answering service team will answer calls in the name of your company and will either take a message or relay the call to the right person within your business, as if they were a permanent member of your team.

Having your business calls answered by a knowledgeable professional provides a seamless customer service experience which can give you a competitive edge over other businesses.