10 Ways to Achieve More Using a Virtual Receptionist

Utilising a virtual receptionist service is enabling businesses across the globe to achieve more in their day to day function. Here are 10 ways in which you, and your business can achieve more by using a virtual receptionist:

  1. Save Money and Time on Training a New Employee

One of the greatest benefits of using The Answer Centre’s virtual receptionist service is that you gain a small team of fully trained, professional receptionists at a fraction of the cost of employing one.

  1. Say Bye to Cold Callers

Wouldn’t you kill to take back all the time you’ve wasted trying to politely get a cold caller off the phone? With a virtual receptionist you won’t even need to take the call in the first place. Our small team are able to screen your business calls making sure that you only ever get the calls that you actually want to receive.

  1. Maximum Productivity

Being disturbed by the phone when there is a pressing task at hand requiring focus is extremely frustrating. A virtual receptionist enables you to ignore the phone, without actually ignoring it at all. A member of our small team of virtual receptionists will answer the phone on your behalf, leaving you to crack on with your task whilst your caller still feels valued.

  1. Travel with No Distractions

Never again will you miss your train stop or boarding call because you are caught up on the telephone. Our virtual receptionists can handle your calls during the times you need just that little bit more concentration.

  1. Message Taking

Not taking down adequate messages happens far too often and far too easily. Businesses waste a lot of time day to day going over the same messages and even totally missing messages. This leads to calls never being returned and a potential loss of business. Our virtual receptionists take down detailed messages for every call you do not receive making sure you have all the information you need.

  1. Prioritise Call Backs

Returning calls when you are slammed because you think it could be important, only to find out it’s not, will be a thing of the past. The Answer Centre forwards you a message and details from every caller giving you the power to prioritise your call backs.

  1. Score Bigger Contracts by Appearing Bigger in Size

When using a virtual receptionist your business will appear larger than it actually is. One of the great perks of a virtual receptionist is that you effectively get an additional member of your team without having to employ one. This can work wonders to reassure potential customers who may be dubious about working with a small or new business.

  1. Great Customer Service = More Customers

Our virtual receptionist service ensures your incoming business calls are answered consistently and professionally every single time. This gives anyone calling your business a great and lasting impression. The result, your business has more power to convert its incoming leads.

  1. Flexibility

A virtual receptionist will provide yourself, your business and any employees more freedom to be away from the phone. Utilising our virtual reception service will enable you to enjoy a work day which is not ruled by the telephone yet still provide incredible and consistent customer service to every single incoming call.

  1. More Money, More Opportunity

Less money spent on employing an in-house receptionist means more money to invest in other areas of your business.