Ten Advantages of Using a Professional Call Answering Service

Ten Advantages of Using a Professional Call Answering Service

For an entrepreneur busy growing their small business, there is nothing more important to them than creating a credible and professional first impression. This can be difficult when you are trying to juggle so many different jobs at the same time. You cannot be in two different places at once, so it can be difficult to quickly answer your incoming business phone calls in a calm and friendly manner while you are busy doing something else.

There can be nothing worse for your business reputation than to miss important calls from existing clients or prospective new ones. This is why it is worth considering the benefits of hiring a call answering service.

Here are ten very good reasons why a small business owner needs a call  answering service:

1. Never miss a call again

Probably the most important aspect of hiring a call answering service is that you will never miss out on important calls from your clients. There are lots of people who will not do business with you until they have spoken to you in person. Can you afford to miss out?

2. Free up your time

We all know how time-consuming answering every incoming business call can be. Doing this by yourself means that you will never find the time for all the other essential tasks your business needs to thrive and grow. Freeing up your time from answering calls will allow you to focus on other important tasks.

3. Saves you money

Employing full-time reception staff and hiring office space can put a serious dent in your operational budget. You can save yourself a fortune by hiring a call answering service with a professional virtual receptionist instead.

4. Never miss an important message

Your virtual receptionist is there for you when you cannot be. You may be tied up in a meeting, but also waiting for a crucial message from another client. You can have your message taken and forwarded to you via text or email that you can check discreetly without interrupting your meeting.

5. Create a professional image

Your virtual call answering service gives your business the impression of being much larger and more well-established than it may actually be.

6. The human touch

It’s a well known fact that around 80% of callers will ring off if their call reaches an answerphone. Having their call met and dealt with by a friendly human voice will instil confidence in your company.

7. Messages passed on effectively

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can receive your messages via email or text message. This means that if you are travelling or away from your home office for any length of time, you can still get those important messages without needing to check in at home.

8. Guaranteed call answering

You may be worried that a call will be missed should your virtual receptionist be busy on another call. With The Answer Centre you get a small and friendly team of virtual receptionists at your disposal, so there will always be a team member available to take your call.

9. Caller record-keeping

We keep a log of all your incoming business calls, so should you mislay a number or lose your smartphone, we can supply you with a record of calls.

10. Improved productivity

Not having to break your concentration to answer a ringing phone can be hugely beneficial for you productivity. Let your virtual receptionist handle your calls and keep your work space distraction-free.

Try our service with a two-week FREE trial of our call answering service. You will wonder how you ever managed without us!

Telephone Answering Service for Small Businesses

Demand for a professional telephone answering service for small businesses has continued to grow in the first two months of 2013. The Answer Centre has revealed that small businesses are increasingly discovering that there is a considerable cost saving available to them by using the services of a dedicated call answering service.

The alternative option of employing their own receptionist to answer their calls is proving to be more expensive and time consuming to manage for small businesses.

The Answer Centre specialises in providing a Telephone Answering Service for Small Businesses and has found that enquiry levels for their service has increased by in excess of 8% throughout the period from the start of the year to the end of February 2013.

Office Manager Sarah Brown commented:

“We do normally find January and February to be relatively busy months with a significant number of new clients coming on board to use our service.

This is mainly due to the fact that a number of small businesses wait until the new year to launch a new business venture or a new service. But notwithstanding this we have noticed that our enquiry levels this year are up by more than 8% for the same period in 2012.

We believe that this is largely due to the fact that we are continuing to operate in difficult economic conditions and small businesses are increasingly aware of the cost savings that our service brings to their business.

To find put more about the call answering service offered by The Answer Centre please call us FREE on 0800 093 7333.

Call Answering Service for Accountants Special Offer proves popular.

Our January special offer of additional savings on our call answering service for Accountants has proved very popular here at The Answer Centre.

During the month of January any accountancy business signing up for our Pay As You Go call answering service received a discount of 50% on their first service invoice.

Several accountancy firms decided to take up the offer and initial feedback has been very positive.

The proprietor of one of those firms who runs her own accountancy business in Birmingham took advantage of the offer and commented:

“To be completely honest I was already considering using a call answering service, so when The Answer Centre contacted me at the start of the year with details of their discount offer on their call answering service for accountants it was perfect timing! January is a very busy month for most accountants as we need to meet the 31st January HMRC deadline for submitting tax returns so it is extremely helpful to have a professional call answering service like The Answer Centre pick up my calls and takes messages. This frees me up and allows me to work uninterrupted in the knowledge that if something really important does crop up I will receive a message from my Virtual Assistant”.

“The other thing that has surprised me is that since starting to use The Answer Centre’s call answering service, many of my existing clients have started to view my business in a different light. One client asked if I was expanding as I now had my own dedicated receptionist while another remarked at how professional and friendly my new receptionist sounded!”

To find put more about the call answering services offered by The Answer Centre please call us FREE on 0800 093 7333.

Telephone Answering Services Can Help Small Businesses to Grow Faster

Telephone answering services are playing a bigger part than ever before in helping small businesses to grow in the early stages of development.

Research has now shown that when a small business is in the early stages of growth, missing inbound calls can have a detrimental effect on the growth of the business.

Small businesses with up to two or three members of staff cannot normally justify having an employee dedicated to answering incoming telephone calls, which means that new business enquiries will inevitably get lost.

By employing the services of a Telephone Answering Service provider such as The Answer Centre a small business can ensure that new sales enquiries are not missed, thus ensuring that the business will grow at the optimum rate. Having access to a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA to answer your calls means that as a small business owner you can get on with building your business without worrying about missed calls.

Additional benefits of using such a call answering service include the fact that when calls are received they are always handled consistently and professionally thus creating a good first impression to callers. How often do you call a small business and hear a voicemail greeting before hanging up and calling the next supplier in the list?

To find out more about the Telephone Answering Services and virtual office services provided by The Answer Centre you can call us Free on 0800 093 7333.