Ten Advantages of Using a Professional Call Answering Service

Ten Advantages of Using a Professional Call Answering Service

For an entrepreneur busy growing their small business, there is nothing more important to them than creating a credible and professional first impression. This can be difficult when you are trying to juggle so many different jobs at the same time. You cannot be in two different places at once, so it can be difficult to quickly answer your incoming business phone calls in a calm and friendly manner while you are busy doing something else.

There can be nothing worse for your business reputation than to miss important calls from existing clients or prospective new ones. This is why it is worth considering the benefits of hiring a call answering service.

Here are ten very good reasons why a small business owner needs a call  answering service:

1. Never miss a call again

Probably the most important aspect of hiring a call answering service is that you will never miss out on important calls from your clients. There are lots of people who will not do business with you until they have spoken to you in person. Can you afford to miss out?

2. Free up your time

We all know how time-consuming answering every incoming business call can be. Doing this by yourself means that you will never find the time for all the other essential tasks your business needs to thrive and grow. Freeing up your time from answering calls will allow you to focus on other important tasks.

3. Saves you money

Employing full-time reception staff and hiring office space can put a serious dent in your operational budget. You can save yourself a fortune by hiring a call answering service with a professional virtual receptionist instead.

4. Never miss an important message

Your virtual receptionist is there for you when you cannot be. You may be tied up in a meeting, but also waiting for a crucial message from another client. You can have your message taken and forwarded to you via text or email that you can check discreetly without interrupting your meeting.

5. Create a professional image

Your virtual call answering service gives your business the impression of being much larger and more well-established than it may actually be.

6. The human touch

It’s a well known fact that around 80% of callers will ring off if their call reaches an answerphone. Having their call met and dealt with by a friendly human voice will instil confidence in your company.

7. Messages passed on effectively

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can receive your messages via email or text message. This means that if you are travelling or away from your home office for any length of time, you can still get those important messages without needing to check in at home.

8. Guaranteed call answering

You may be worried that a call will be missed should your virtual receptionist be busy on another call. With The Answer Centre you get a small and friendly team of virtual receptionists at your disposal, so there will always be a team member available to take your call.

9. Caller record-keeping

We keep a log of all your incoming business calls, so should you mislay a number or lose your smartphone, we can supply you with a record of calls.

10. Improved productivity

Not having to break your concentration to answer a ringing phone can be hugely beneficial for you productivity. Let your virtual receptionist handle your calls and keep your work space distraction-free.

Try our service with a two-week FREE trial of our call answering service. You will wonder how you ever managed without us!

Call Answering Service for IT Consultants

It is a well known fact that most freelence IT consultants are also budding entrepreneurs and strive to run their own business one day. No one knows this better than The Answer Centre’s MD Andy Gillen who started his career a number of years ago as a freelence IT consultant. Although Andy generally worked at one main clients’ office most of the time he was also building his own IT consultancy business and trying to expand his client base. It was during this period that Andy discovered that the use of a call answering service was an essential service to support the development of his business.

Andy comments: “While I was working at my main clients’ site, I would generally be located in an open plan office environment so it was extremely difficult to take calls and in particular new business enquiries while I was simultaneously charging my main client for my time on an hourly basis.

So I decided to utilise the services of a small personalised call answering service which meant that my calls were answered in my company name and gave the caller the impression that I was a well established IT consultancy with my own receptionist.

Messages were sent through to me by email so I could easily pick up my messages while at the same time developing and coding systems for my main client. This was an ideal set up and allowed me to then pop out of the office at a convenient time to make a call and follow up on the enquiry.

I had a number of colleagues who were in a similar position and it became very clear that there was a real demand for a call answering service for IT Consultants in a similar position to myself”.

The Answer Centre opened for business on 1st June 2000 and as well as providing a call answering service for IT Consultants we now answer calls for businesses of all types.

To find out more about the Call Answering Services and Virtual Office Services provided by The Answer Centre you can call us Free on 0800 093 7333.